Ana M. C. Barradas

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Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) are rare cells originated from tumors that travel into the blood stream, extravasate to different organs of which only a small fraction will develop into metastasis. The presence of CTC enumerated with the CellSearch system is associated with a relative short survival and their continued presence after the first cycles of(More)
Combining technologies to engineer scaffolds that can offer physical and chemical cues to cells is an attractive approach in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. In this study, we have fabricated polymer-ceramic hybrid scaffolds for bone regeneration by combining rapid prototyping (RP), electrospinning (ESP) and a biomimetic coating method in order(More)
There is an ever-increasing demand for high quality forage legumes, essential to feed livestock. Micropropagation may be useful to preserve elite allelic compositions in allogamous and auto-incompatible forage legume species, as is the case of Trifolium resupinatum L. (Persian clover). Etiolation-like phenotypes in in vitro cultured plants, with long weak(More)
Introduction In 2008, Jukes et al. reported the first instance of in vivo bone formation after a subcutaneous implantation of cartilaginous constructs derived from mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC) in nude mice, suggesting that the endochondral route was followed [1]. In the sequence of endochondral bone formation events during foetal development,(More)
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