Ana M. B. Silva

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The morphological plasticity of scleractinian corals can be influenced by numerous factors in their natural environment. However, it is difficult to identify in situ the relative influence of a single biotic or abiotic factor, due to potential interactions between them. Light is considered as a major factor affecting coral skeleton morphology, due to their(More)
Synchronous generators of industrial plants with cogeneration typically operate in parallel with the main utility grid. These machines are usually equipped with excitation controllers operating in constant power factor mode, and speed controllers working in droop mode. While such control techniques are well suited for steady state operation condition, on(More)
The use of computer simulations for educational purposes helps students assimilate more easily several theoretical concepts. As in other areas, for teaching and research in energy systems, it is available a wide range of simulation programs. Commercial programs are known to be computationally efficient, however, they are sealed, ie, do not allow(More)
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