Ana Luiza B. P. Barros

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BACKGROUND In public health, hard-to-reach populations are often recruited by non-probabilistic sampling methods that produce biased results. In order to overcome this, several sampling methods have been improved and developed in the last years. The aim of this systematic review was to identify all current methods used to survey most-at-risk populations of(More)
Mushrooms have attracted market attention because they are a potential source of bioactive compounds able to perform several functions in organisms with benefits for the health of the consumer. Cultivation processes vary according a) industrial fermentation in large vats to produce extracted form of mushrooms or b) closed cultivation system individually(More)
Classical linear neural network architectures, such as the optimal linear associative memory (OLAM) Kohonen and Ruohonen (IEEE Trans Comp 22(7):701–702, 1973) and the adaptive linear element (Adaline) Widrow (IEEE Signal Process Mag 22(1):100–106, 2005; Widrow and Winter (IEEE Comp 21(3):25–39, 1988), are commonly used either as a standalone pattern(More)
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