Ana Luisa Flores-Romero

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Transverse vaginal septum is a congenital Mullerian malformation resulting from a failure of the fusion or canalization of the urogenital sinus and the Müllerian ducts. It may cause hematocolpos, dyspareunia and infertility in adult patients. In some cases, it is associated with congenital malformations such as coarctation of the aorta or atrial septal(More)
The placenta accreta is the second leading cause of obstetric hemorrhage, which often require the implementation of emergency obstetric hysterectomy increased morbidity and mortality. We present a surgical alternative to hysterectomy obstetric allowed us to reduce to zero until our rate of maternal deaths from obstetric hemorrhage. Improving surgical times,(More)
Paraurethral cyst or Skene cysts are rare at any age but particularly in newborns. In infants typically present as cystic formations, raised similar to a dermoid cyst. The treatment is established based on the findings, pathology and the age of the patient may be observational, puncture the cyst or surgical. We present a newborn with acute renal failure(More)
The Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser is a rare congenital anomaly characterized by lack of vaginal and uterine development variable and normal ovaries. It results from agenesis or hypoplasia Müller duct system. Cervicovaginal agenesis as part of the complex syndrome, is even rarer. We report two cases: adolescent patient with primary amenorrhea,(More)
The placenta accreta is the second leading cause of obstetric hemorrhage in the world. In many occasions it is necessary to make an obstetric hysterectomy, a circumstance that increases morbidity, and maternal mortality. Communicates a surgical alternative to hysterectomy obstetric that has enabled us to reduce until the time to zero our rate of maternal(More)
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