Ana Luísa Godoy Fernandes

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OBJECTIVE The assessment of the quality of life in patients with lung cancer has become one of the main goals in current clinical trials. To assess the quality of life of these patients, the most(More)
AIM To study any discriminative properties of SF-36 and QQL-EPM in stable and non-controlled moderate asthmatic patients. METHODS A total of 63 asthmatic patients were assessed regarding asthma(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether respiratory therapy techniques influence the number of cells within and quantity of induced sputum in patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the quality of life of patients with lung cancer and to compare it with that of individuals without cancer. METHODS The Medical Outcomes Study 36-item Short-Form Health Survey(More)
OBJECTIVE Lung cancer patients often experience profound physical and psychosocial changes as a result of disease progression or treatment side effects. Fatigue, pain, dyspnea, depression, and sleep(More)