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IMPLICATIONS We evaluated a continuous epidural infusion containing bupivacaine 0.05% plus the opioid hydromorphone in 1830 women requesting pain relief during labor and delivery. The infusion provided effective analgesia with minimal adverse events for patients differing in parity and at varying stages of labor. Pain relief was maintained in most patients(More)
— In the deployment of component-based applications, concrete configurations only behave as expected if they are deployed together with their right components in their chosen versions. The assembling of an application from its components is therefore a crucial step in the deployment phase and should be automated in order to avoid human mistakes. However,(More)
BACKGROUND Juvenile xanthogranuloma (JXG) is a rare, benign non-Langerhans cell histiocytosis that usually occurs in the head, neck or upper trunk of neonates and young children. Lesions appear most frequently as solitary cutaneous nodule, but in 12% of cases they are multiple and in 5%, subcutaneous or deep-seated. In 4% of cases they are systemic.(More)
The authors describe the clinical case of a 15 year-old adolescent with recurrent bilateral chylothorax leading to multiple hospitalizations. As in other cases described the diagnosis was made on the basis of classical clinical features and characteristic CT scan. Most cases of pulmonary lymphangiectasis, described in the literature, are lethal in the(More)
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