Ana Lila Garda

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The expression patterns of the genes Wnt7b and Wnt8b were analyzed in the brain of chick embryos, having special emphasis in the forebrain. Our results indicated that, at early developmental stages, cWnt8b is expressed in the isthmic organizer and in other areas postulated as forebrain patterning centers, such as the avian cortical hem and the zona limitans(More)
The expression pattern of the transcription factor gene Gbx2 in the forebrain of chicken embryos (embryonic day 14) was mapped using digoxigenin-labeled riboprobes and compared with the expression of the transcription factors Pax6 and Nkx2.2. The topographic analysis of Gbx2 expression on coronal and sagittal sections discriminated the positions and(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the present study was to evaluate the implication of male factor, in terms of sperm DNA oxidation and fragmentation, and Y chromosome microdeletions in recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) of unknown origin in a strictly selected cohort. METHODS A prospective cohort study was carried out in a private university-affiliated setting.(More)
An unknown chicken gene selected from a published substractive hybridization screen (GenBank Accession No. ; [Christiansen, J.H., Coles, E.G., Robinson, V., Pasini, A., Wilkinson, D.G., 2001. Screening from a subtracted embryonic chick hindbrain cDNA library: identification of genes expressed during hindbrain, midbrain and cranial neural crest development.(More)
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