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Caveolae, small invaginations in the plasma membrane, contain caveolins (Cav) that scaffold signaling molecules including the tyrosine kinase Src. We tested the hypothesis that cardiac protection involves a caveolin-dependent mechanism. We used in vitro and in vivo models of ischemia-reperfusion injury, electron microscopy (EM), transgenic mice, and(More)
We show here that the apposition of plasma membrane caveolae and mitochondria (first noted in electron micrographs >50 yr ago) and caveolae-mitochondria interaction regulates adaptation to cellular stress by modulating the structure and function of mitochondria. In C57Bl/6 mice engineered to overexpress caveolin specifically in cardiac myocytes (Cav-3 OE),(More)
INTRODUCTION With the reform of the Colombian health system in 1993, public health surveillance continued to be a governmental responsibility under the stewardship of the Ministry of Social Protection along with state and local health authorities. OBJECTIVE The effectiveness of the development and organization of state and municipality public health(More)
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