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In Vitro study of Vellozia pusilla pohl (Velloziaceae), a Brazilian plant species: antitumoral activity and labeling of blood elements
Vellozia pusilla Pohl is a species of the botanic family Velloziaceae that occurs in the subtropical regions of South America and, although it lives under conditions of high solar irradiation and lowExpand
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Avaliação das Exposições Ocupacionais Internas em Medicina Nuclear – Dificuldades e Alternativas
Pro fi ssionais que manipulam radiofarmacos para  fi ns de diagnostico e terapia em medicina nuclear estao sujeitos a incorporacao de radionuclideos via inalacao e ingestao. Os aspectos de protecaoExpand
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Use of gamma cameras for individual monitoring of photon emitting radionuclides based on urine samples in emergency situations
Abstract Introduction In nuclear and radiological accidents there is a risk of radioactive contamination and accidental intake of radionuclides. Therefore, the individual monitoring of internalExpand
Evaluation of internal occupational exposure by 123I in a radiopharmaceutical production facility
Abstract 123 I is a photon emitter radionuclide (159 keV) used for diagnostic procedures of endocrinal diseases in nuclear medicine. Since 1998 it is produced at the industrial radiopharmaceuticalExpand
Comparative evaluation of gamma cameras performance for internal monitoring of workers exposed to I-131 in nuclear medicine services
Introduction: In the nuclear medicine practice, a variety of radionuclides are handled for diagnostic and therapy which represents a significant risk of internal and external exposure for workers.Expand
Calibração de um sistema portátil para bioanálise de amostras de urina em situações de emergência
A bioanalise in vitro e utilizada para monitoracao interna da exposicao em situacoes de rotina e emergencia. Este trabalho descreve a calibracao de um sistema de detecao portatil para medicao deExpand