Ana Leonor Abrahão Nencioni

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The effects of intrahippocampal administration of a neuropeptide (TS-8F toxin) isolated from Tityus serrulatus scorpion venom have been determined on behavior, limbic seizures, and neuronal(More)
Scorpion toxins act on ionic channels changing the release of neurotransmitters. In the present study, we investigated the glutamatergic release evoked by intrahippocampal injection of TsTX toxin(More)
Scorpion stings are a public health problem in Brazil and lactating women may be affected. We aimed to study the effects of Tityus bahiensis venom in the offspring of rats treated during lactation.(More)
AIMS TsTX-I scorpion toxin, also known as γ-toxin, is a β-toxin which binds to site 4 of the sodium channel, shifting its activation potential. There are few studies about its pharmacological action(More)