Ana L S F Paiva

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This review attempts to provide an updated compilation of studies reported in the literature pertaining to reactors containing lipases in immobilized forms, in a way that helps the reader direct a bibliographic search and develop an integrated perspective of the subject. Highlights are given to industrial applications of lipases (including control and(More)
Integration of reaction and separation has experienced fast progress in this decade because it provides a convenient way of alleviating kinetic and/or thermodynamic constraints usually present in the more traditional sequential con"guration (where reaction is followed by separation), which limit the extent of reaction and also the purity of the products(More)
Given the thermodynamic and kinetic limitations which often constrain the extent of chemical reactions and post-reactional separation processes, and therefore constrain the yield and the degree of purity of the resulting products, integration of reaction and separation in a single unit has been under the scope of several bioengineering researchers in recent(More)
Integration of reaction and separation in one single step has often been claimed to provide enhanced processing and economic results when compared with the traditional configuration where a reaction unit is followed by a downstream separation unit, due to alleviation of kinetic and thermodynamic constraints. This paper quantitatively addresses the kinetic(More)
Endometrial Stromal Sarcomas are rare neoplasms, accounting for 0.2% of female genital tract malignancies. They occur predominantly in post menopausal women, although they can develop during the reproductive years or even in childhood. The most important prognostic factors are the patient's age at diagnosis, FIGO surgical stage, myometrial invasion, mitotic(More)
This paper reports experimental work pertaining to alcoholysis between butanol and ethyl butanoate, catalyzed by an immobilized lipase in a liquid-vapor system where chemical reaction and physical separation are simultaneously carried out. The processing setup was tested for various compositions of the starting feedstock and operated under reduced pressure.(More)
The present paper describes an inline flow-injection analysis system for the determination of sulfide in water samples, exploiting the Fischer reaction. Water samples were collected and introduced into a reactor of the FIA system. The sulfide released, after sample acidification, was carried out with a nitrogen gas flow and mixed with N,N(More)
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