Ana Lúcia Santoro

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Freshwater environments contribute 75% of the natural global methane (CH(4)) emissions. While there are indications that tropical lakes and reservoirs emit 58-400% more CH(4) per unit area than similar environments in boreal and temperate biomes, direct measurements of tropical lake emissions are scarce. We measured CH(4) emissions from 16 natural shallow(More)
Close to redox boundaries, dark carbon fixation by chemoautotrophic bacteria may be a large contributor to overall carbon fixation. Still, little is known about the relative importance of this process in lake systems, in spite the potentially high chemoautotrophic potential of lake sediments. We compared rates of dark carbon fixation, bacterial production(More)
Sediment denitrification was monthly evaluated in two tropical coastal lagoon with different trophic states using the 15N isotope pairing technique. Denitrification rates were very low in both environments, always < 5.0 μmol N2 m-2 h-1 and were not significantly different between them. Oxygen consumption varied from 426 to 4248 μmol O2 m-2 h-1 and was(More)
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