Ana López-Montes

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A simple and rapid liquid chromatographic with diode-array UV-vis spectrophotometric detection (HPLC-DAD) method for identification of natural dyes has been developed. Chromatographic retention of carminic acid, indigotin, crocetin, gambogic acid, alizarin and purpurin has been studied. The mobile phase consisted of 40 mM SDS-10 mM phosphate buffer solution(More)
A simple and rapid capillary electrophoretic method with UV detection (CE-UV) has been developed for the identification of five natural dyes namely, carmine, indigo, saffron, gamboge and Rubia tinctoria root. The separation was performed in a fused-silica capillary of 64.5 cm length and 50 microm id. The running buffer was 40 mM sodium tetraborate buffer(More)
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