Ana Karla de Souza Abud

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Green coconut shell, passion fruit peel, straw and corn cobs, agro-industrial wastes, were evaluated as alternative substrates for xanthan gum production, which is one of the most important commercial biopolymers obtained by fermentation, widely used in the food industry and with applications in the oil, petrochemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical(More)
This research was performed to find an alternative, low-cost, competitive, locally available and efficient adsorbent to treat nickel (Ni) containing effluents. For this purpose, several Brazilian agro-wastes like sugarcane bagasse (SCB), passion fruit wastes (PFW), orange peel (OP) and pineapple peel (PP) were compared with an activated carbon (AC). The(More)
Various agricultural residues have been tested as biosorbents due to their low cost, high surface area, and favorable surface chemistry. In this work, a sweet orange albedo was tested as a biosorbent for treatment of real textile effluents. The orange albedo powder was prepared by drying the residue at 50 °C and milling to 30 mesh, and then used for dye(More)
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