Ana Justel

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A principal component method for multivariate functional data is proposed. Data can be arranged in a matrix whose elements are functions so that for each individual a vector of p functions is observed. This set of p curves is reduced to a small number of transformed functions, retaining as much information as possible. The criterion to measure the(More)
This paper considers the estimation of a set S < d from a random sample of n points, using the \naive" estimator ^ Sn (the simplest one for the non-convex case) deened as a union of balls, centered at the sample points, with common radius n. In particular, we f o c u s o n further exploring a method, rst proposed by Devroye and Wise (1980), for the(More)
A new clustering method for time series is proposed, based on the full probability density of the forecasts. First, a resampling method combined with a nonparametric kernel estimator provides estimates of the forecast densities. A measure of discrepancy is then defined between these estimates and the resulting dissimilarity matrix is used to carry out the(More)
This study aims to introduce the robust optimum (RO) method as an alternative to the classical weighted averaging (WA) method for estimating the ecological optimum as well as the optimum and tolerance ranges of a taxon with respect to an environmental variable in limnological studies. The RO method is based on robust location and scale estimates rather than(More)
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