Ana Julieta González

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This work was conducted to study the removal of gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane (lindane) in a soil extract liquid medium (SE) by Streptomyces sp. M7 and to determine the influence of pH and temperature on bacterial growth and pesticide removal in this medium. When Streptomyces sp. M7 was cultured in SE supplemented with lindane 100 microg l(-1 )at different(More)
The aims of this investigation were to evaluate the bacterial resistance to zinc, copper, chromium (VI) and lead in surface water streams from Buenos Aires, Argentina; to select a chromium-resistant strain able to remove the metal in batch process and to evaluate the potential of this strain to remove chromium (VI) in liquid effluents. Bacterial resistance(More)
Nitroaromatics are widely used for industrial purposes and constitute a group of compounds of environmental concern because of their persistence and toxic properties. Biological processes used for decontamination of nitroaromatic-polluted sources have then attracted worldwide attention. In the present investigation m-nitrophenol (MNP) biodegradation was(More)
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