Ana Jokanovic

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Recently, computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology has been applied to the field of removable complete denture prosthodontics. We developed a system for fabricating complete dentures applying CAD/CAM technology. In this system, artificial teeth were bonded to the recesses of a milled denture base. However, the offset values(More)
Interference of nearby jobs has been recently identified as the dominant reason for the high performance variability of parallel applications running on High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Typically, HPC systems are dynamic with multiple jobs coming and leaving in an unpredictable fashion, sharing simultaneously the system interconnection network. In(More)
Current high-performance capacity systems run hundreds of applications concurrently sharing the same network resources. In this scenario, system throughput and hence system utilization is significantly affected by inter-application contention. Quality-of-service (QoS) mechanisms are traditionally used in the Internet to provide different levels of(More)
Dragonflies are one of the most promising topologies for the Exascale effort for their scalability and cost. Dragonflies achieve very high throughput under uniform traffic, but have a pathological behavior under other regular traffic patterns, some of them very common in HPC applications. A recent study showed that randomization of task placement can make(More)
Inter-application network contention is seen as a major hurdle to achieve higher throughput in today's large-scale high-performance capacity systems. This effect is aggravated by current system schedulers that allocate jobs as soon as nodes become available, thus producing job fragmentation, i.e., the tasks of one job might be spread throughout the system(More)
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