Ana Jiménez

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Some sensor systems are characterized by multiple simultaneous aperiodic emissions, with low signal-to-noise ratio and asynchronous detection. In these systems, complementary sets of sequences can be used to encode emissions, due to their suitable auto-correlation and cross-correlation properties. The transmission of a complementary set can be accomplished(More)
Complementary sequences are being employed to improve the results obtained in many sensorial systems where it is necessary to enhance the signal to noise ratio imposed by the environment. This improvement is achieved at the expense of increasing the computational complexity of the signal processing tasks. This work presents the hardware implementation of an(More)
Mitochondrial respiration provides the energy needed to drive metabolic and transport processes in cells. Mitochondria are a significant site of reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in plant cells, and redox-system components obey fine regulation mechanisms that are essential in protecting the mitochondrial integrity. In addition to ROS, there are(More)
Accurate coordinates for active beacons placed in the environment are required in local positioning systems (LPS). These coordinates and the distances (or differences of distances) measured between the beacons and the mobile node to be localized are inputs to most trilateration algorithms. As a first approximation, such coordinates are obtained by means of(More)
  • María C. Martí, Igor Florez-Sarasa, Daymi Camejo, Miquel Ribas-Carbó, Juan J. Lázaro, Francisca Sevilla +1 other
  • 2011
Mitochondria play an essential role in reactive oxygen species (ROS) signal transduction in plants. Redox regulation is an essential feature of mitochondrial function, with thioredoxin (Trx), involved in disulphide/dithiol interchange, playing a prominent role. To explore the participation of mitochondrial PsTrxo1, Mn-superoxide dismutase (Mn-SOD),(More)
In this article, a time-of-flight detection technique in the frequency domain is described for an ultrasonic local positioning system (LPS) based on encoded beacons. Beacon transmissions have been synchronized and become simultaneous by means of the DS-CDMA (direct-sequence code Division multiple access) technique. Every beacon has been associated to a(More)
This paper raises the design of an ultrasonic array for obstacle detection based on Phased Array (PA) techniques, which steers the acoustic beam through the environment by electronics rather than mechanical means. The transmission of every element in the array has been encoded, according to Code Division for Multiple Access (CDMA), which allows multiple(More)
In this work the influence of the nodulation of pea (Pisum sativum L.) plants on the oxidative metabolism of different leaf organelles from young and senescent plants was studied. Chloroplasts, mitochondria, and peroxisomes were purified from leaves of nitrate-fed and Rhizobium leguminosarum-nodulated pea plants at two developmental stages (young and(More)