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OBJECTIVES To analyze the differences in the nitric oxide (NO) forming system between neutrophils obtained from patients during unstable angina (UA) and during acute myocardial infarction (AMI). BACKGROUND Neutrophils are involved in the regulation of thrombus formation through the release of active substances such as NO. Acute myocardial infarction is(More)
The purpose of this ex post facto study has been to test a structural model of the mediating roles of self-esteem and perfectionism in the relationship between personality traits and eating disorders (ED). The sample consisted of 155 women (from 18 to 31 years). Ninety three met the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for some type of ED, 31 women formed the(More)
In this article, a time-of-flight detection technique in the frequency domain is described for an ultrasonic local positioning system (LPS) based on encoded beacons. Beacon transmissions have been synchronized and become simultaneous by means of the DS-CDMA (direct-sequence code Division multiple access) technique. Every beacon has been associated to a(More)
Some sensor systems are characterized by multiple simultaneous aperiodic emissions, with low signal-to-noise ratio and asynchronous detection. In these systems, complementary sets of sequences can be used to encode emissions, due to their suitable auto-correlation and cross-correlation properties. The transmission of a complementary set can be accomplished(More)
Complementary sequences are being employed to improve the results obtained in many sensorial systems where it is necessary to enhance the signal to noise ratio imposed by the environment. This improvement is achieved at the expense of increasing the computational complexity of the signal processing tasks. This work presents the hardware implementation of an(More)
On current railway systems, it is becoming ever more necessary to install safety elements to avoid accidents. One of the causes that can provoke serious accidents is the existence of obstacles on the tracks, either fixed or mobile. In this paper, a multisensory system that can inform the monitoring system about the existence of obstacles is proposed. The(More)
This paper presents three novel methods to efficiently generate and correlate sequence pairs with three zero correlation zones in the sum of their aperiodic correlation functions. These sequences have achieved great importance in communications systems when the maximum transmission delay is less than the length of these zones, because the multiple access(More)
An advanced adaptive sonar module is described, capable of being configured to different circumstances and distances according to reflectors found in the environment. Thanks to the sensory distribution, it is possible to identify three basic types of reflector (planes, edges and corners). Furthermore, a heuristic map of the environment is built. The(More)
In this work, an acoustic sensor network for a relative localization system is analyzed by reporting the accuracy achieved in the position estimation. The proposed system has been designed for those applications where objects are not restricted to a particular environment and thus one cannot depend on any external infrastructure to compute their positions.(More)