Ana Ješovnik

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  • Juraj Radi´c, C V Parker, L.-C Ha, C Chin, Victor Galitski, Das Sarma +24 others
  • 2015
The dissertation explores the effects of synthetic spin-orbit coupling on the behaviour of quantum gases in several different contexts. We first study realistic methods to create vortices in spin-orbit-coupled (SOC) Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC). We propose two different methods to induce ther-modynamically stable static vortex configurations: (1) to(More)
Fungus-farming ("attine") ants are model systems for studies of symbiosis, coevolution, and advanced eusociality. A New World clade of nearly 300 species in 15 genera, all attine ants cultivate fungal symbionts for food. In order to better understand the evolution of ant agriculture, we sequenced, assembled, and analyzed transcriptomes of four different(More)
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