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The objective of this study was to evaluate the knowledge, attitude and practices of women prisoners regarding the use of female and male condoms as a means of prevention against STD/HIV. This(More)
Objective to test the effects of behavioral and educational intervention by telephone on adherence of women with inappropriate periodicity to colpocytological examination. Method quasi-experimental(More)
OBJECTIVE to verify the association among the knowledge attitude and practice of women in relation to the smear test and the age range. METHOD a cross-sectional research was undertaken, associated(More)
Objective: to test the effects of a behavioral, an educative and a comparative intervention on women's adherence to the return appointment to receive the pap test report. Methods: randomized(More)
OBJECTIVE to test the efficacy of the behavioral and educational interventions undertaken by telephone, for women's attendance at the consultation to receive the Pap test report. METHOD a(More)