Ana Isabel Canhoto

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This paper deals with the question of how intranets impact on employee perception and behavior. The study uses a five year longitudinal study following the evolution of an intranet in a UK bank to analyze how it changed the relationships between employees and between managers and employees. The discussion integrates two different research domains, the(More)
This paper investigates how senior managers interpret and react to the strategic threats and opportunities presented by digital technologies. Strategy studies focus on one type of actor or organizational context. Instead, we considered various firms, roles and expertise. We conducted 20 hours of in-depth, elite interviews with 15 senior managers from client(More)
Much crime investigation today is carried out by automatic scrutiny of large transaction databases, with considerable value placed on the use of profiles to seek out unusual and potentially suspicious behaviour. However, the power of automated profiling can result in negative outcomes such as over-reporting and increased expenditure on manual compliance(More)
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