Ana Isabel Bernardo

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A 76-year-old lady presented with a conjunctival malignant melanoma, which had been incompletely excised 10 years earlier. After rapid and massive growth of the tumor, which was later removed along with the globe, there was no evidence of local or systemic recurrence during 22 months of observation until the patient died of unknown causes. Pathological(More)
To assess the accuracy of stereotactic fine-needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of nonpalpable breast lesions, this procedure was performed in 226 consecutive patients, all women, immediately before needle localization and excision of the lesions. The patients were treated at a tertiary-care hospital between December 1989 and October 1991. The(More)
Cerebral lymphoma is infrequent in immunocompetent patients. This tumour usually appears on CT and MRI as a single lesion or as multiple lesions with mass effect and homogeneous enhancement after contrast administration. A patient is described with a cerebral lymphoma, confirmed by histopathological examination, who presented as a progressive(More)
Eleven globes of seven anencephalic infants with a gestational age of 36 to 41 weeks were examined pathologically. Atrophy of the ganglion cell and nerve fibre layers of the retina was found in all cases; optic nerve atrophy was noted in all 10 specimens in which the optic nerve was identified. In addition to findings attributable to immaturity, including(More)
Hemichorea-hemiballism is an unusual hyperkinetic movement disorder characterized by continuous involuntary movements of an entire limb or both limbs on one side of the body. The acute onset of this disorder occurs with an insult in contralateral basal ganglia. Ischemic events represent the most common cause. Nonketotic hyperglycemia comes in second place.(More)
A 15-year-old Indonesian girl presented with a history of one year of multiple cutaneous tumors including a protuberant mass of the right upper eyelid. Histological findings were consistent with the clinical diagnosis of neurofibromatosis. A cystic cavity in the eyelid tumor contained the eye-fly Siphunculina funicola.
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