Ana Ion

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Applications on cloud infrastructures acquire virtual machines (VMs) from providers when necessary. The current interface for acquiring VMs from most providers, however, is too limiting for the tenants, in terms of granularity in which VMs can be acquired (e.g., small, medium, large, etc.), while giving very limited control over their placement. The former(More)
In IaaS clouds, virtual machines are booted on demand from user-provided disk images. Both the number of virtual machine images (VMIs) and their large size(GBs), challenge storage and network transfer solutions, and lead to perceivably slow VM startup times. In previous work, we proposed using small VMI caches (O(100MB)) that contain those parts of a VMI(More)
A carotenoid self-assembled monolayer was prepared by dipping a gold electrode into a solution of 4'-thioxo-β,β-caroten-4-one in acetonitrile. Electrochemistry of the surface layer was investigated by cyclic voltammetry in an aqueous solution. No electrochemical reaction was detected in the potential region between 0.5 and-0.6 V vs. SCE. The anodic reaction(More)
Cloud computing has developed into an ubiquitous distributed system model, offering services which range from storage to computing power or database infrastructure. The security aspect of such distributed systems is a very important and challenging issue. In this paper we propose a security solution which offers policy enforcement in order to detect denial(More)
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