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A series of 2,3-dihydro-2-oxo-1H-benzimidazole-1-carboxamide derivatives bearing a piperazine moiety was synthesized. Their in vitro 5-HT(4), 5-HT(3), and D(2) receptors affinities were evaluated by(More)
New 4-(diphenylmethyl)-1-piperazine derivatives with a terminal heteroaryl or cycloalkyl amide fragment were synthesized and evaluated for their antihistaminic, anticholinergic and antiallergic(More)
In a wide search program toward new, efficient, and fast-acting antidepressant drugs, we have prepared series of new compounds having an (aryl)(aryloxy)methyl moiety linked directly or through a(More)
New 3-benzisothiazolyl and 3-benzisoxazolylpiperazine derivatives were synthesised and their 5-HT(1A), 5-HT(2A) and D(2) receptor binding affinities evaluated. The compounds displayed high affinity(More)