Ana Iglesias Rodríguez

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In this paper, we describe a project carried out to get information about the use and expectations of students towards mobile apps as educational resources. We focus our research on the leading role that Communication and Information Technologies have recently achieved as devices to assist the learning processes, and, more specifically, as elements to(More)
This study evaluates the effect of organic (Se-enriched yeast; SeY) versus inorganic selenium (sodium selenite; SeS) supplementation and the different response of selenium source according to muscle pH on pork meat quality characteristics. Pigs (n = 30) were fed the Se-supplemented diets (0.3 mg/kg) for 65 days. Neither electric conductivity (EC) nor drip(More)
Triangulation is an especially useful strategy for validation of information in comparative analysis in view of the problems surrounding the flexibility of measures and their suitability for particular contexts. And it is particularly useful as a methodological strategy in facilitating the reconciliation of data in different contexts without committing(More)
Mobile devices (MD) are increasingly becoming tools that transcend the playful-communicative function to grow into elements for classroom learning. The benefits of the mobile learning to teaching and learning processes are varied and relevant, but not in all stages of education are they having the same depth and the same perception by students. With this(More)
Mobile devices provide communication possibilities unthinkable just a few years ago. From the educational point of view, the use of mobile devices is leading to an adaptation and modification of teaching and learning processes that require teachers to adjust their methodology to the interests and motivations of the students of the XXI century. Today, any(More)
A world shaped by technology has not changed the aim of education to prepare young people to contribute to society, to enhance it and to make it grow. Nevertheless, the increasingly connected world and the unstoppable use of new devices connected to the Internet have really changed the requirements and abilities needed by new generations. Digital(More)
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate models of collaborative work using ICT by an experience carried out in a public school with a long history of integrating ICT, and which has the highest recognition (Level 5) from the Education Counsel in Castile and Leon (Spain). Under the principles of mixed approaches, predominantly based on qualitative(More)
It is nowadays needless to mention the relevant position that mobile devices are gaining in our contemporary society. Technologies have experienced an exponential growth thanks to the popularization of gadgets, which, besides their former communicative function, also show a noteworthy didactic application. Smartphones, tablets and notebooks shave become(More)