Ana I Torres Suarez

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Heterogeneous functions of macrophages in human immune systems have renewed interest in targeting of drugs to these cells. Various carrier systems have emerged to deliver drugs to macrophages, albeit the efficacy, reliability and selectivity of these carriers are still in question. To date, the most extensively studied carriers are liposomes and(More)
A qualitative and quantitative study on the stability of the new cytostatic drug mitonafide (N-[2-(dimethyl-amino) ethyl]-3-nitronaphthalimide, CAS 54824-17-8) against UVA, UVC and visible radiations was carried out. Initially a test with controlled lighting on samples from mitonafide solution is carried out. This test include the determination of the(More)
A study was done on the factors which could modify the oral bioavailability of two new cytotoxic molecules (mitonafide and 2HCl amonafide) when administered in solid form. From the values of the ionization constants, we can assume that the absorption of these drugs is produced in the first segments of the small intestine. In the course of both molecules(More)
The pharmaceutical development of tablets of a 1,8 naphtalimide with antineoplastic activity is carried out in two steps. The preformulation step includes the study of those characteristics of the drug with special importance for the successful development of the formulation step. In this way, the low moisture, the low porosity and the good flowability of(More)
Cannabinoids show promise for the treatment of various medical conditions such as emesis, anorexia, pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and glaucoma. However, their high lipohilicity and instability complicate their handling and dosing, and restrict their use as pharmaceuticals. The objective of the present work was to assess the(More)
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