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beta-Glucosidase production by Debaryomyces pseudopolymorphus UCLM-NS7A using a simple nutrient medium containing cellobiose was evaluated under several biochemical and physiological parameters in submerged fermentation. Enzyme induction was also examined using different carbon and nitrogen sources. Cellobiose and ammonium nitrate were the best C and N(More)
As a result of the interest that exists in the liberation of aromas in young wines, we obtained some different enzymatic extracts (purified extract, P; lyophilized purified extract, LP; immobilized purified extract, IP; and immobilized lyophilized purified extract, ILP) with beta-glucosidase activity from Debaryomyces pseudopolymorphus, which excreted the(More)
AIMS To improve a method for determining beta-glucosidase activity and to apply it in yeasts isolated from wine ecosystems from "La Mancha" region and to know its cellular location. METHODS AND RESULTS A total of 82 wine yeasts were identified (PCR/RFLP) and evaluated for their beta-glucosidase activity. First, they were qualitatively evaluated by growth(More)
The recovery of by-products from agri-food industry is currently one of the major challenges of biotechnology. Castilla-La Mancha produces around three million tons of waste coming from olive oil and wine industries, both of which have a pivotal role in the economy of this region. For this reason, this study reports on the exploitation of grape skins and(More)
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