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—The proper management of the signal to noise ratio margin is important for improving the stability of digital subscriber line (DSL) networks and increasing the customer satisfaction regarding services such as triple-play. This work presents a novel algorithm for multiuser margin optimization that benefits from the relationships between power and margin(More)
Since the eighties of the 20 th century that the social and organizational sciences are interested in networks as organizational configuration and the identification of the dimensions that determine or influence the effectiveness of their performance, their adaptability and resilience. Communication and power are two of these core dimensions, because they(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the degree of absolute change, relative stability and state dependence of trait perfectionism in sleep disturbances in a sample of university students. METHOD Participants completed the Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale and two items concerning sleep difficulties. The mean age at T0 (baseline) was 19.59 years (SD = 1.61, range =(More)
Mixotrophs combine photosynthesis with phagotrophy to cover their demands in energy and essential nutrients. This gives them a competitive advantage under oligotropihc conditions, where nutrients and bacteria concentrations are low. As the advantage for the mixotroph depends on light, the competition between mixo- and heterotrophic bacterivores should be(More)
The lipid fraction of milk is one of the most complex matrixes in foodstuffs due to the presence of a high number of moieties with different physical and chemical properties. Glycerolipids include glycerol and two fatty acids esterified in positions sn-1 and sn-2 with higher concentration of unsaturated fatty acids than in the triglyceride fraction of milk.(More)
The genus Simonsenia is reviewed and S. aveniformis described as new for science by light and electron microscopy. The new species originated from estuarine environments in southern Iberia (Atlantic coast) and was isolated into culture. In LM, Simonsenia resembles Nitzschia, with bridges (fibulae) beneath the raphe, which is marginal. It is only electron(More)
The induction of P-glycoprotein (P-gp), an ATP-dependent efflux pump, has been proposed as a strategy against the toxicity induced by P-gp substrates such as the herbicide paraquat (PQ). The aim of this study was to screen five newly synthetized thioxanthonic derivatives, a group known to interact with P-gp, as potential inducers of the pump’s expression(More)
Case A 35-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with severe hypertension, oedema and renal failure. Twelve months earlier, she had a pregnancy, which was complicated by preeclampsia. A successful Caesarean was performed in the 29th week of gestation (Figures 1 and 2). After the birth, she remained with poorly controlled hyper-tension and proteinuria(More)
A prognostic interpretation of preneoplastic lesions would have impact in bronchial carcinoma early diagnosis and through the study of Erb-B family receptors as they have an important role in lung carcinogenesis. The existence of drugs as tyrosine kinase inhibitors stressed the importance of studying gene alterations for selected chemoprevention schemes and(More)