Ana Gomes

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BACKGROUND We report the detailed development of biomarkers to predict the clinical outcome under dengue infection. Transcriptional signatures from purified peripheral blood mononuclear cells were derived from whole-genome gene-expression microarray data, validated by quantitative PCR and tested in independent samples. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The(More)
BACKGROUND Symptomatic infection by dengue virus (DENV) can range from dengue fever (DF) to dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF), however, the determinants of DF or DHF progression are not completely understood. It is hypothesised that host innate immune response factors are involved in modulating the disease outcome and the expression levels of genes involved(More)
—The proper management of the signal to noise ratio margin is important for improving the stability of digital subscriber line (DSL) networks and increasing the customer satisfaction regarding services such as triple-play. This work presents a novel algorithm for multiuser margin optimization that benefits from the relationships between power and margin(More)
Since the eighties of the 20 th century that the social and organizational sciences are interested in networks as organizational configuration and the identification of the dimensions that determine or influence the effectiveness of their performance, their adaptability and resilience. Communication and power are two of these core dimensions, because they(More)
Mixotrophs combine photosynthesis with phagotrophy to cover their demands in energy and essential nutrients. This gives them a competitive advantage under oligotropihc conditions, where nutrients and bacteria concentrations are low. As the advantage for the mixotroph depends on light, the competition between mixo- and heterotrophic bacterivores should be(More)
The classical swine fever (CSF) is a highly contagious viral disease of pigs and wild boar. The CSF causes great economic losses for pork production and the occurrence of the disease is notifiable to the OIE. The objective of this work was to identify and characterize CSF virus isolates from Brazil. Seven viral isolates were obtained and the full-length E2(More)
The present study reports the first isolation of Actinobacillus seminis from a goat in Brazil. A four-year-old Moxotó breeding goat in a flock of 70 goats and 65 sheep reared together in the county of Patos, semiarid region of Northeastern Brazil, showed clinical signs of unilateral orchitis and epididymitis. Diagnosis of A. seminis infection was confirmed(More)
The international course Emerging Viruses: Global Approaches and Specificities of the Amazon Region was held in Porto Velho, Rondonia, Brazil, November 17-December 7, 2007. Organized as part of the Amsud-Pasteur research collaboration program (sponsored by Institut Pasteur), the course was held there primarily because Rondonia State is located in the Amazon(More)
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