Ana Fernández

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Recent studies in pigs have detected copy number variants (CNVs) using the Comparative Genomic Hybridization technique in arrays designed to cover specific porcine chromosomes. The goal of this study was to identify CNV regions (CNVRs) in swine species based on whole genome SNP genotyping chips. We used predictions from three different programs(More)
The Clavata3 (CLV3)/endosperm surrounding region (CLE) signaling peptides are encoded in large plant gene families. CLV3 and the other A-type CLE peptides promote cell differentiation in root and shoot apical meristems, whereas the B-type peptides (CLE41-CLE44) do not. Instead, CLE41 inhibits the differentiation of Zinnia elegans tracheary elements. To test(More)
Astroglial scars surround damaged tissue after trauma, stroke, infection, or autoimmune inflammation in the CNS. They are essential for wound repair, but also interfere with axonal regrowth. A better understanding of the cellular mechanisms, regulation, and functions of astroglial scar formation is fundamental to developing safe interventions for many CNS(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) pathogenesis remains unknown. Due to the emerging role of free cholesterol (FC) in NAFLD, our aim was to examine the correlation between FC accumulation in patients with NAFLD and the expression of enzymes that regulate cholesterol homeostasis. METHODS Filipin staining, indicative of FC(More)
The etiology of progression from steatosis to steatohepatitis (SH) remains unknown. Using nutritional and genetic models of hepatic steatosis, we show that free cholesterol (FC) loading, but not free fatty acids or triglycerides, sensitizes to TNF- and Fas-induced SH. FC distribution in endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and plasma membrane did not cause ER stress(More)
The leptin receptor gene (LEPR) is a candidate for traits related to growth and body composition, and is located on SSC6 in a region where fatness and meat composition quantitative trait loci (QTL) have previously been detected in several F2 experimental designs. The aims of this work were: (i) to fine map these QTL on a larger sample of animals and(More)
As a genetic platform, tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) benefits from rich germplasm collections and ease of cultivation and transformation that enable the analysis of biological processes impossible to investigate in other model species. To facilitate the assembly of an open genetic toolbox designed to study Solanaceae, we initiated a joint collection of(More)
We investigated the potency and the selectivity profile of vardenafil on phosphodiesterase (PDEs) enzymes, its ability to modify cGMP metabolism and cause relaxation of penile smooth muscle and its effect on erections in vivo under conditions of exogenous nitric oxide (NO) stimulation. PDE isozymes were extracted and purified from human platelets (PDE5) or(More)
BACKGROUND Literature suggests that a high proportion of the population with mental disorders remains either untreated or poorly treated. This study aimed to describe the adequacy of treatment for Anxiety and Depressive disorders in Spain, how this differs between providers (primary versus specialised care) and which factors are associated with appropriate(More)