Ana Fernández Vilas

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As video games, particularly, social games are growing in popularity and number of users, there has been an increasing interest in its potential as innovative teaching tools. Gamification is a new concept intending to use elements from video games in non-game applications. Education is an area with high potential for application of this concept since it(More)
In the last years, OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) Service Platform specification has become the most adopted solution to the technological problem of building residential gateways. As many others Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs), the framework is supported by a Service Registry which facilitates the interaction between clients and services.(More)
In this paper a recommender system of personalized TV contents, named AVATAR 1 , is presented. We propose a modular multi-agent architecture for the system, whose main novelty is the semantic reasoning about user preferences and historical logs, to improve the traditional syntactic content search. Our approach uses Semantic Web technologies – more(More)
E-learning technologies have developed greatly in recent years , with considerable success, which has suggested extending distance education to other mediums. This paper studies the possibilities of Interactive Digital TV to provide educational services (t-learning) and analyzes the support offered by the Multimedia Home Platform standard (MHP). We also(More)