Ana Fernández Vilas

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As video games, particularly, social games are growing in popularity and number of users, there has been an increasing interest in its potential as innovative teaching tools. Gamification is a new concept intending to use elements from video games in non-game applications. Education is an area with high potential for application of this concept since it(More)
In this paper we introduce a cooperative environment between the Interactive Digital TV (IDTV) and home networking with the aim of allowing the interaction between interactive TV applications and the controllers of the in-home appliances in a natural way. More specifically, our proposal consists of merging MHP (Multimedia Home Platform), one of the main(More)
The OSGi (open service gateway initiative) service platform specification is the most widely adopted technology for building a control system for the networked home. Three main features contribute to its success. First, it supports various well-known protocols, simplifying communication among home devices. In addition, it defines a cooperative model for(More)
Interactive Digital TV opens new learning possibilities where new forms of education are needed. On the one hand, the combination of education and entertainment is essential to boost the participation of viewers in TV learning (t-learning), overcoming their typical passiveness. On the other hand, researchers broadly agree that in order to prevent the(More)
The formal methodology MultiSpec supports the evolution of software specifications gathered from multiple perspectives. A viewpoint-based approach is used to explicitly separate the descriptions provided by different stakeholders, and concentrate on identifying and resolving conflicts between them. The challenge addressed in this article consists in taking(More)