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BACKGROUND AP65 is a prominent adhesin of Trichomonas vaginalis that mediates binding of parasites to host vaginal epithelial cells (VECs). AP65 with no secretion signal sequence, membrane targeting peptide, and anchoring motif was recently found to be secreted. RESULTS We first wanted to demonstrate surface association of AP65 to the parasite followed by(More)
Trichomonas vaginalis secretes putrescine that is readily detected in vaginal secretions. We wanted to examine the effect of decreased putrescine synthesis by inhibition of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) on T. vaginalis. One reason is because inhibition of Tritrichomonas foetus ODC results in growth arrest, destruction of hydrogenosomes, and decreased(More)
AbstrAct This chapter introduces different alternatives to store and manage jointly relational and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) data sources. Nowadays , businesses are transformed in e-business and have to manage large data volumes and from heterogeneous sources. To manage large amounts of information, Database Management Systems (DBMS) continue to be(More)
Nowadays, most of libraries are computerized, and moreover they have available for users their basic-services through the Web. Recent studies have concluded that 40% of people have an Internet connection, and therefore, these basic-services of libraries would be available to those people from where they are connected. If we consider that 100% of users(More)
OMG (Object Management Group) has defined the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) specification trying to solve the actual problems of systems integration and interoperability. The main goal of this work is to introduce some basic concepts of MDA and show that is possible to define methods to transform a Platform Independent Model (PIM) to different Final Code(More)