Ana Fdez-Teijeiro

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In this paper we present a knowledge-based, Clinical Decision Support System (OncoTheraper2.0) that provides support to the full life-cycle of both clinical decisions and clinical processes execution in the field of pediatric oncology treatments. The system builds on a previous proof of concept devoted to demonstrate that Hierarchical Planning and(More)
We report the case of a 2-year-old boy with hypereosinophilia who presented with fever, muscle pain and heart, CNS and skin involvement. He was treated with steroids with partial response. Six months after diagnosis of hypereosinophilia, several scalp nodules were surgically removed and Hypoderma bovis larvae were found, which led to the diagnosis of(More)
Fetal hydrops associated with neonatal tumours is an uncommon occurrence. The diagnosis can be established prenatally by ultrasound examination. The treatment of choice is surgery which may be curative. We report the case of a male born at 32 weeks gestation who presented with severe hydrops fetalis and a thoracic mass. The child could not be operated upon(More)
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