Ana Estela Antunes da Silva

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The computationally challenging problem of reconstructing the phylogeny of a set of contemporary data, such as DNA sequences or morphological attributes, was treated by an extended version of the neighbor-joining (NJ) algorithm. The original NJ algorithm provides a single-tree topology, after a cascade of greedy pairing decisions that tries to(More)
This article presents some limitations of agile methods and the results of using Scrum in a specific project. It was found that good practices in development of human computer interfaces (HCI) have been left aside in favor of reducing sprint duration. Developers usually "listen to what customers say instead of watching what customers do". This behavior has(More)
Resumo. O objetivo deste trabalho é apresentar um modelo de avaliação de especificações semi-formais de requisitos de software baseado na Teoria dos Conjuntos Nebulosos. Especificações semi-formais normalmente são apresentadas como um conjunto de diagramas onde os requisitos do software são declarados. Especialistas do domínio do problema e engenheiros de(More)
This work presents the application of the omni-aiNet algorithm - an immune-inspired algorithm originally developed to solve single and multiobjective optimization problems - to the reconstruction of phylogenetic trees. The main goal of this work is to automatically evolve a population of phylogenetic unrooted trees, possibly with distinct topologies, by(More)
This paper highlights the importance of software maintenance, specifically the UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams, created and changed, especially during the tasks of analysis and design of software. The main idea of this paper is to formalize the software maintenance phase in order to motivate the maintenance documentation of these diagrams taking(More)
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