Ana Elizabeth González-Santiago

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UNLABELLED There are no targeted therapeutic modalities for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), thus it is associated with poor prognosis and worst clinical outcome. Here, our aim was to identify(More)
UNLABELLED Lung cancer is a malignant disease with increasing mortality rates. Cytokines play a role in normal cell growth regulation and differentiation and are also implicated in malignant disease.(More)
Lupinus albus seeds contain conglutin gamma (Cγ) protein, which exerts a hypoglycemic effect and positively modifies proteins involved in glucose homeostasis. Cγ could potentially be used to manage(More)
Type 2 diabetes nephropathy is a multifactorial trait whose threshold or limit for the phenotypic expression depends on the additive effect of multiple loci and environmental factors that are(More)
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