Ana Elisabete Pires

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The Iberian lynx is the most threatened felidin the world and has suffered a declinethroughout its range. Effective monitoring ofthe species' presence is essential. Fieldwork inpreviously identified areas of lynx occurrencein Portugal has resulted in the collection of104 possible lynx scats. Recently, there hasbeen little or no evidence of lynx presence(More)
Intravenous IgG (ivIg) is a therapeutic alternative for lupus erythematosus, the mechanism of which remains to be fully understood. Here we investigated whether ivIg affects two established sub-phenotypes of SLE, namely relative oligoclonality of circulating T-cells and reduced activity of CD4 + Foxp3+ regulatory T-cells (Tregs) reflected by lower CD25(More)
Natural antibodies are unique self molecules endowed with both suppressive and activating functions on various cells of the immune system and are recognized as a fundamental link between the adaptive and innate immune system. Here, we examine the role of natural antibodies, using polyclonal immunoglobulins (Ig), as a promoter of T-cell reconstitution in a(More)
In an extensive survey of the genetic diversity in Portuguese dogs, we have examined an 887-bp fragment of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from 8 Portuguese, 1 Spanish, and 2 North African native dog breeds, including village dogs from Portugal and Tunisia. Forty-nine haplotypes were found in the 164 individuals analyzed, with private haplotypes being found(More)
Genetic variability in purebred dogs is known to be highly structured, with differences among breeds accounting for approximately 30% of the genetic variation. However, analysis of the genetic structure in non-cosmopolitan breeds and local populations is still limited. Nine Portuguese native dog breeds, and other peripheral dog populations (five) with(More)
After autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) the immunological B cell compartment recovers slowly. Delays on the recovery of B cell function after autologous stem cell transplantation are due to the low lymphocytes count and to their intrinsic dysfunction. We studied the in vivo B cell reconstitution after ASCT examining the independent effect of(More)
This study investigates the gene pool of Portuguese autochthonous dog breeds and their wild counterpart, the Iberian wolf subspecies (Canis lupus signatus), using standard molecular markers. A combination of paternal and maternal molecular markers was used to investigate the genetic composition, genetic differentiation and genetic relationship of native(More)
Active regulatory T-cells contribute to broadened T-cell repertoire diversity in ivIg-treated SLE patients Nuno Costa, Ana E Pires, Ana M Gabriel, Luiz F Goulart, Clara Pereira, Barbara Leal, Ana C Queiros, Wahiba Chaara, Maria F Moraes-Fontes, Carlos Vasconcelos, Carlos Ferreira, Jorge Martins, Marina Bastos, Maria J Santos, Maria A Pereira, Berta Martins,(More)
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