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Introduction Arrhythmias and conduction disorders are common among patients with scleroderma. Their early identification is important, since scleroderma patients with arrhythmias have a higher mortality risk compared with scleroderma patients without arrhythmias. The aim of this study was to characterize the cardiovascular profiles of scleroderma patients(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of our study was to determine the impact of premature loss of temporary molars upon the longitudinal axis of the first permanent molar. MATERIAL AND METHOD The study sample was formed by 94 orthopanthomografies of child patients with premature loss of lower temporary molars (first or second) after clinical eruption of the first(More)
The consequences of premature loss of temporary teeth are complex, both of functional and morphological order and the clinical presentation depends on multiple factors: the temporary tooth loss rate as compared with permanent tooth eruption sequence and the number and topography of teeth extracted, so the clinical form of edentulous, which can be frontal or(More)
Atraumatic restorative treatment (ART) is a minimally invasive method of treatment of dental caries that uses only hand tools. ART was originally developed in Tanzania in the 1980’s as part of an oral health program, created by the need to find a method of teeth preservation in people of all ages from disadvantaged communities, where resources like water,(More)
The pathology of premature loss of temporary molars is a complex issue with profound impact on dental and facial harmony, urging clinician`s interest for an optimal therapeutic approach. Identification of the predisposing factors, in full agreement with the anatomical particularities of the temporary teeth, corroborated with the incidence of premature loss(More)
UNLABELLED This study presents the CT imaging of a group of maxillofacial tumors that include benign tumors and primary and secondary malignant processes. MATERIAL AND METHOD All patients were CT explored with and without intravenous contrast, using specific head and neck protocols. RESULTS We studied the topography of the tumors, their impact on(More)
Dental caries is one of the most common disorders of childhood. Although preventable, it is found in large sectors of the pediatric population. In recent decades, focus was laid on the methods for its prevention, by controlling bacterial plaque, food diet and various methods of local or general fluoridation. On the other hand, developing of methods for(More)
UNLABELLED Evaluation of the cleft size and the assessment of an estimative volume required for bone grafting provide useful information to the surgeon performing secondary alveolar bone grafting. AIM To use a software tool to evaluate the estimative volume of the bone defect in the alveolar cleft area, based on cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) data.(More)
Amoxicillin used in early childhood may be associated with enamel hypomineralization. Our aim was to assess disturbances of amelogenesis in mice lower incisors induced by chronic administration of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid (AMC). Twenty-eight C57BL/6 male mice, of similar age, randomly divided into a control and 3 treatment groups (n = 7) received(More)
  • Adriana Blan, Marinela Pasareanu, A. Maxim, Veronica Serban Pintiliciuc, Ana Elena Petcu
  • 2012
The study aims at identifying the growth disorders in children and adolescents suffering from Turner (45X0) and Klinefelter syndromes (47XXY), in order to correctly establish subsequent treatment strategies. To this extent, a group of children and adolescents formed of 18 girls (9.5-17.5 year-old) and 8 boys (14.5-18.5 year-old) was investigated. Analysis(More)