Ana Dragomir

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Reverse engineering problems concerning the reconstruction and identification of gene regulatory networks through gene expression data are central issues in computational molecular biology and have become the focus of much research in the last few years. An approach has been proposed for inferring the complex causal relationships among genes from microarray(More)
The reverse engineering paradigm is given increasing attention in computational molecular biology lately. One of the goals is to understand how gene regulatory networks (complex systems of genes, proteins and other molecules) function and interact to carry out specific cell functions. We present an approach for inferring the complex causal relationships(More)
Up-to-date architecture views help to better understand and meaningfully evolve software systems. Despite their importance, the views are typically either not defined or not monitored and updated when changes to the actual systems are performed. They thus become subject of continuous degradation. To reconstruct the views, architecture monitoring and(More)
The architecture of software systems should be well documented and up to date. Knowledge about the software architecture of a software system enables reasoning regarding the software's qualities such as modifiability, extensibility, security, etc. However, very often the architecture is only described during the initial phases of a software project and then(More)
Software architecture stands at the backbone of any software system. An up-to-date description of the architecture greatly contributes to its understanding, evaluation and evolution. Despite its importance, the architecture is typically described only in the preliminary development phases and later becomes subject of continuous degradation. Therefore,(More)
Architecture descriptions greatly contribute to the understanding, evaluation and evolution of software but despite this, up-to-date software architecture views are rarely available. Typically only initial descriptions of the static view are created but during the development and evolution process the software drifts away from its description. Methods and(More)
A novel data-mining method was developed to gauge the experiences of the diabetes mellitus drug Januvia. Self-organizing maps were used to analyze forum posts numerically to infer user opinion of drug Januvia. Graph theory was used to discover influential users. The result is a word list compilation correlating positive and negative word cluster groups and(More)
We focus on developing a pattern recognition method suitable for performing supervised analysis tasks on molecular data resulting from microarray experiments. Molecular characterization of tissue samples using microarray gene expression profiling is expected to uncover fundamental aspects related to cancer diagnosis and drug discovery. There is therefore a(More)
The documentation of architecture and design decisions lies at the backbone of building a comprehensive architectural knowledge basis within a company. As a consequence, a plethora of supporting frameworks has been lately proposed by the research community. The existing frameworks focus on capturing the rationale that lies behind a certain decision, but(More)