Ana Dragomir

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Up-to-date architecture views help to better understand and meaningfully evolve software systems. Despite their importance, the views are typically either not defined or not monitored and updated when changes to the actual systems are performed. They thus become subject of continuous degradation. To reconstruct the views, architecture monitoring and(More)
Although up-to-date architecture views outstandingly aid the understanding, meaningful evolution and evaluation of software systems, software architecture reconstruction tools are still not broadly employed in the industry. While this situation might seem contradictory, we have identified-based on our experience with two industry cooperation partners-some(More)
— The documentation of architecture and design decisions lies at the backbone of building a comprehensive architectural knowledge basis within a company. As a consequence, a plethora of supporting frameworks has been lately proposed by the research community. The existing frameworks focus on capturing the rationale that lies behind a certain decision, but(More)
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