Ana Daniele Tavares

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Disease cluster detection and evaluation have commonly used spatial statistics methods that scan the map with a fixed circular window to locate candidate clusters. Recently, there has been interest in searching for clusters with arbitrary shape. The circular scan test retains high power of detecting a cluster, but does not necessarily identify the exact(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate both the efficacy and reliability of the cytologic method in the diagnosis of conjunctival lesions and compare it with the histologic examination. METHODS A prospective study on 31 conjunctival lesions was performed. Samples were obtained with a Kimura spatula. The lesions were, then, surgically removed and sent for histologic(More)
Magnesium alloys have promising mechanical and biological properties for the development of degradable implants. However, rapid implant corrosion and gas accumulations in tissue impede clinical applications. With time, the implant degradation rate is reduced by a highly biocompatible, phosphate-containing corrosion layer. To circumvent initial side effects(More)
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