Ana Cuervo Gaspar

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The alpha 6 beta 1 integrin is a receptor for laminins and is present from early stages of mouse embryogenesis. In the present study we determined the temporal and spatial expression of the two cytoplasmic splice variants of the alpha 6 integrin subunit, alpha 6A and alpha 6B, in the early- and mid-gestation mouse postimplantation embryo using RT-PCR, in(More)
Drosophila translational elongation factor-1gamma (EF1gamma) interacts in the yeast two-hybrid system with DOA, the LAMMER protein kinase of Drosophila. Analysis of mutant EF1gamma alleles reveals that the locus encodes a structurally conserved protein essential for both organismal and cellular survival. Although no genetic interactions were detected in(More)
Mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells grown in aggregates give rise to several different cell types, including cardiac muscle. Given the lack of cardiac muscle cell lines, ES cells can be a useful tool in the study of cardiac muscle differentiation. The laminin-binding integrin alpha 6 beta 1 exists in two different splice variant forms of the alpha chain (alpha(More)
The beta1D protein is a recently characterized isoform of the integrin beta1 subunit that is present in cardiac and skeletal muscles. In this study, we have examined the expression of beta1D in different types of skeletal muscle and in cardiac muscle and studied its distribution during mouse development, using new monoclonal antibodies specific for beta1D.(More)
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