Ana Cristina Nogueira Freitas

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The synthetic peptide PnPP-19 has been studied as a new drug candidate to treat erectile dysfunction. However, PnTx2-6, the spider toxin from which the peptide was designed, induces hyperalgesia. Therefore, we intended to investigate the role of PnPP-19 in the nociceptive pathway. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH Nociceptive thresholds were(More)
BACKGROUND and purpose: The peptide PnPP-19, derived from the spider toxin PnTx2-6 (renamed as δ-CNTX-Pn1c), potentiates erectile function by activating the nitrergic system. Since NO has been studied as an antinociceptive molecule and PnPP-19 is known to induce peripheral antinociception, we intended to evaluate whether PnPP-19 could induce peripheral(More)
Some peptides purified from the venom of the spider Phoneutria nigriventer have been identified as potential sources of drugs for pain treatment. In this study, we characterized the antinociceptive effect of the peptide PnPP-19 on the central nervous system and investigated the possible involvement of opioid and cannabinoid systems in its action mechanism.(More)
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