Ana Cristina Braga

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Although a number of inflammatory cytokines have been shown to be associated with periodontal pathogenesis, it is important to investigate further whether these biomarkers are associated with the degree of success in nonsurgical treatment of chronic periodontitis. The aim of the present study was to quantify the total levels of interleukin (IL)‐1α, -1β, ‐6,(More)
INTRODUCTION Anterior open bite (AOB) is a vertical malocclusion that requires thorough diagnosis to ensure long-term stability. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of AOB in Portuguese children during deciduous and mixed dentition in order to assess the need for orthodontic treatment and to determine its relation to other associated(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether there is an association between dental developmental anomalies (DDAs) and different manifestations of class II division 2 (CII/2) malocclusion incisor retroclination. DESIGN Retrospective comparative study. SETTING Private orthodontic practice in the regions of Lisbon and Porto, Portugal. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The(More)
In this work we propose to build a set of binary logistic models that could assess the probability of success or no success in oral rehabilitation process taking into account some genetic factors, individual habits clinical and non-clinical factors. The study was conducted in a retrospective evaluation and consisted of 155 subjects undergoing oral(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare the durability and retention of 4 types of attachments placed over computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) titanium bars when subjected to different pH conditions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Four commercially available attachments were investigated: Hader Yellow, Hader Red, Ackerman Gold and(More)
INTRODUCTION The aims of this study were to investigate whether there is a different transverse morphologic pattern of dental arches among patients with different manifestations of Class II Division 2 incisor retroclination and to evaluate to what extent the pattern of smaller-than-average teeth in Class II Division 2 malocclusion is common to all groups(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this paper is to use the kernel method to produce a smoothed receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve and show how baby gender can influence Clinical Risk Index for Babies (CRIB) scale according to survival risks. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH To obtain the ROC curve, conditioned by covariates, two methods may be followed: first,(More)