Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia

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Electronic government allows a broad range of citizens to access gov-ernamental information and services, as well as to participate in the government decision-making process. On the other hand, it imposes a higher challenge on a web designer to avoid digital exclusion. Before proposing guidelines to design e-gov sites, it is important to have objective(More)
This paper presents HYRIWYG (How You Rate Influences What You Get), a reputation system applicable to Internet Recommendation Systems (RS). The novelty lies in the incentive mechanism that encourages evaluators to volunteer their true opinion. Honesty is encouraged because rewards are indexed by the quality of the RS's suggestions.
Any Web user is a potential knowledge contributor, but it remains a challenge to make them devote their time contributing to some purpose. In order to align individual with social interests, we selected the CAPTCHA Web resource protection application to embed knowledge elicitation within the users' main task of accessing a Web resource. Consequently, unlike(More)
One of the products of engineering, besides constructed artifacts, is design documentation. To understand how design participants use documentation, we interviewed designers and typical documentation users and also took protocols of them both creating and using design documentation. Our protocols were taken from realistic projects of preliminary design for(More)
Electronic democracy should facilitate the discussion and participation of citizens as well as electronic voting in governmental issues. Governmental applications available in the Web have not evolved significantly toward real participation of citizens. The implementation of an e-democracy system can benefit from incorporating features from distinct(More)
Electronic democracy should provide information and service for the citizens on the Internet, allowing room for debate, participation and electronic voting. The languages being adopted by mass communication means, especially Reality Shows, are efficient and encourage public participation in decision-making. This paper discusses a citizen-government(More)