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The psychiatric examination was performed with diagnostic instruments for autism (DSM-IV and Childhood Autism Rating Scale-CARS) in 23 children with Möbius sequence. From the 23 patients studied with Möbius sequence, five (26.1%) met the diagnostic criteria for infantile autism according DSM-IV and two (8.6%), under two years old, showed autistic-like(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) plays an important role in prostaglandin secretion and angiogenesis in the reproductive system. In the present study, the roles of the NO donor spermine NONOate and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF; as a positive control) in prostaglandin production and angiogenic activity of equine endometria during the oestrous cycle were evaluated. In(More)
Words are widely used as stimuli in cognitive research. Because of their complexity, using words requires strict control of their objective (lexical and sublexical) and subjective properties. In this work, we present the Minho Word Pool (MWP), a dataset that provides normative values of imageability, concreteness, and subjective frequency for 3,800(More)
In this study, we present the normative values of the adaptation of the International Affective Digitized Sounds (IADS-2; Bradley & Lang, 2007a) for European Portuguese (EP). The IADS-2 is a standardized database of 167 naturally occurring sounds that is widely used in the study of emotions. The sounds were rated by 300 college students who were native(More)
In this article, we introduce ESCOLEX, the first European Portuguese children's lexical database with grade-level-adjusted word frequency statistics. Computed from a 3.2-million-word corpus, ESCOLEX provides 48,381 word forms extracted from 171 elementary and middle school textbooks for 6- to 11-year-old children attending the first six grades in the(More)
Resumo Neste trabalho apresentamos o projecto Procura-PALvras (P-PAL) cujo principal objectivó e de-senvolver uma ferramenta electrónica que disponibilize informação sobré ındices psicolinguísticos ob-jectivos e subjectivos de palavras do Português Europeu (PE). O P-PAL será disponibilizado gratuita-mentè a comunidade científica num formato amigável a(More)
We examined the potential advantage of the lexical databases using subtitles and present SUBTLEX-PT, a new lexical database for 132,710 Portuguese words obtained from a 78 million corpus based on film and television series subtitles, offering word frequency and contextual diversity measures. Additionally we validated SUBTLEX-PT with a lexical decision study(More)
Resumo Neste trabalho apresentamos as estratégias e os procedimentos adoptados na constituição de uma nova medida de frequência lexical do Português Europeu contemporâneo, o Procura-PALavras (P-PAL). Baseado num corpus de mais de 227 milhões de palavras, o P-PAL é uma aplicação web que oferece, por defeito, valores de frequência lexical para todas as suas(More)
This study presents the results of the adaptation of the International Affective Picture System (IAPS) for European Portuguese (EP). Following the original procedure of Lang et al., 2000 native speakers of EP rated the 1,182 pictures of the last version of the IAPS set on the three affective dimensions of valence, arousal, and dominance, using the(More)
In a recent meta-analysis, Khemlani & Johnson-Laird (2012) showed that the conclusions drawn by human reasoners in psychological experiments about syllogistic reasoning are not the conclusions predicted by classical first-order logic. Moreover, current cognitive theories deviate significantly from the empirical data. In this paper we show how human(More)
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