Ana Claudia Costa da Silva

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Twenty-four yeasts out of 342 isolated from the fermentative process showed killer activity and three of them were selected for the fermentative efficiency evaluation in batch system with cell recycle, flask and fermentor experiments. The selected three killer strains did not present similar results to those of pressed (baking) yeast concerning ethanol(More)
Heterobimetallic complexes in which half-sandwich complexes of ruthenium(), rhodium() and iridium() are connected by three bromo-bridges to Re(CO)3 have been prepared from metathesis reactions of [RuBr(μ-Br)(arene)]2 (arene = C6H6, C6H3Et3-1,3,5 or p-cymene) or [MBr(μ-Br)Cp*]2 (M = Rh or Ir) with [Re(μ-Br)(CO)3(C4H8O)]2. The crystal structures of(More)
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