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PURPOSE This study evaluated the effectiveness of microwave irradiation for disinfection of simulated complete dentures. MATERIALS AND METHODS Seventy dentures were fabricated in a standardized(More)
OBJECTIVES This study compared the residual monomer (RM) in four hard chair-side reline resins (Duraliner II-D, Kooliner-K, Tokuso Rebase Fast-TRF and Ufi Gel hard-UGH) and one heat-polymerized(More)
OBJECTIVES This study evaluated the effect of water-bath post-polymerization at 55 degrees C for 10 min (WB) on the content and leaching of residual compounds, degree of conversion, flexural(More)
Although photodynamic therapy (PDT) has shown great promise for the inactivation of Candida species, its effectiveness against azole-resistant pathogens remains poorly documented. This in vitro study(More)
This in vitro study evaluated the effect of photodynamic therapy (PDT) on the multispecies biofilm of Candida albicans, Candida glabrata, and Streptococcus mutans. Standardized fungal and bacterial(More)