Ana Cláudia Barana

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Acid whey is a by-product from cheese processing that can be employed in beverage formulations due to its high nutritional quality. The objective of the present work was to study the physicochemical characterisation of acid whey from Petit Suisse-type cheese production and use this by-product in the formulation of fermented milk, substituting water. In(More)
This study evaluated the Pleurotus spp. mushroom production process using an effluent from the maize agroindustrial process as a carbon and nitrogen source and as a wetting agent. A complete experimental design based on factorial planning was used to optimize the biological efficiency and evaluate the effect of the concentration of effluent, pH and species(More)
A two-phase anaerobic biodigestor was employed in order to analyze methane production with different manipueira organic loading rates. The acidogenic phase was carried out in a batch process whereas the methanogenic in an up-flow anaerobic fixed bed reactor with continuous feeding. The organic loading rates varied from 0.33 up to 8.48g of Chemical Demand(More)
The performance of anaerobic filter bioreactors (AFs) is influenced by the composition of the substrate, support medium, and the microbial species present in the sludge. In this study, the efficiency of a slaughterhouse effluent treatment using three AFs containing different support media was tested, and the microbial diversity was investigated by amplified(More)
This study evaluated the performance of a continuous flow structured-bed reactor in the simultaneous removal of total nitrogen (TN) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the effluent from an animal food plant. The reactor had an intermittent aeration system; hydraulic retention time (HRT) of one day; temperature of 30 °C; and recirculation ratio of five times(More)
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