Ana Cavalcanti

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We discuss the initial design for CML, the first formal language specifically designed for modelling and analysing Systems of Systems (SoSs). It is presented through the use of an example: an SoS of independent telephone exchanges. Its overall behaviour is first specified as a communicating process: a centralised telephone exchange. This description is then(More)
We present a refinement strategy for Circus, which is the combination of Z, CSP, and the refinement calculus in the setting of Hoare and He’s unifying theories of programming. The strategy unifies the theories of refinement for processes and their constituent actions, and provides a coherent technique for the stepwise refinement of concurrent and(More)
The increasing interest in the combination of different computational paradigms is well represented by Hoare and He in the Unifying Theories of Programming (UTP). In this paper, we present a mechanisation of part of that work in a theorem prover, ProofPower-Z; the theories of alphabetised relations, designs, reactive and CSP processes are in the scope of(More)
Circus specifications define both data and behavioural aspects of systems using a combination of Z and CSP. Previously, a denotational semantics has been given to Circus; however, as a shallow embedding of Circus in Z, it was not possible to use it to prove properties like the refinement laws that justify the distinguishing development technique associated(More)