Ana Carolina S Siquieroli

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Peptides derived from a phage display library may mimic essential features of epitopes (mimotopes), including their immunogenicity. A recombinant peptide library of 12 amino acids displayed on the phage capsid was used to obtain peptides that mimic epitopes of antigens that are reactive to specific polyclonal antibodies anti-neuwiedase (NEU), a toxin from(More)
Farnesoic acid O-methyl transferase (FAMeT) is the enzyme that catalyzes the formation of methyl farnesoate (MF) from farnesoic acid (FA) in the biosynthetic pathway of juvenile hormone (JH). This work reports the cloning, sequencing, and expression of FAMeT gene from the stingless bee Melipona scutellaris (MsFAMeT). The MsFAMeT in silico analysis showed(More)
In colonies of Melipona scutellaris Latreille, 1811 workers can be found with four ganglion nerve cells, a morphological characteristic of the queen. It is hypothesized that these workers, called intercastes, or phenocopies, are phenotypically-like workers, but genotypically identical to queens due to this specific trait. Workers with the same number of(More)
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