Ana Carolina R. Bueno

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In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the phosphoprotein phosphatase Cdc14p plays a central role in exit from mitosis, by promoting B-type cyclin degradation and allowing accumulation of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor Sic1p. Cdc14p is sequestered in the nucleolus during interphase, from where it is released at the end of mitosis, dependent upon mitotic exit(More)
We have constructed and operated the ICARUS T600 liquid argon (LAr) time projection chamber (TPC). The ICARUS T600 detector is the largest LAr TPC ever built, with a size of about 500 tons of fully imaging mass. The design and assembly of the detector relied on industrial support and represents the applications of concepts matured in laboratory tests to the(More)
2 Preface In response to the growing interest in building a Neutrino F actory to produce high intensity beams of electron-and muon-neutrinos and antineutrinos, in October 1999 the Fermilab Directorate initiated two six-month studies. The first study, organized by N. Holtkamp and D. Finley, was to investigate the technical feasibility of an intense neutrino(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the ability of the new liver organotropic complex of cisplatin with glycocholate (GC), Bamet-R2, to interact with DNA, inhibit its replication and hence reduce tumor-cell proliferation. Changes in the electrophoretic mobility of the open and covalently closed circular forms of the pUC18 plasmid DNA from Escherichia(More)
This report summarises the conclusions from the detector group of the International Scoping Study of a future Neutrino Factory and Super-Beam neutrino facility. The baseline detector options for each possible neutrino beam are defined as follows: 1. A very massive (Megaton) water Cherenkov detector is the baseline option for a sub-GeV Beta Beam and Super(More)
Using data collected at the Pierre Auger Observatory during the past 3.7 years, we demonstrated a correlation between the arrival directions of cosmic rays with energy above 6 x 10(19) electron volts and the positions of active galactic nuclei (AGN) lying within approximately 75 megaparsecs. We rejected the hypothesis of an isotropic distribution of these(More)
In this paper we investigate the distribution of DNA ploidy as well as proliferation rate (S phase of the cell cycle Ki-67 staining) in 281 tumors of the central and peripheral nervous system (87 meningiomas, 75 astrocytomas, 44 nerve sheath tumors, 25 brain metastases, 18 pituitary adenomas, 17 ependymomas, 12 oligodendrogliomas and 3 medulloblastomas) and(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE This study aimed to analyse the influence of social, economic, and health development on infant and perinatal mortality in Spain between 1975 and 1986, and to identify possible changes in these relationships over time. DESIGN Study of the association between mortality and a range of variables. SETTING 50 Spanish provinces. MEASUREMENTS(More)
Electron recombination in liquid argon (LAr) is studied by means of charged particle tracks collected in various ICARUS liquid argon TPC prototypes. The dependence of the recombination on the particle stopping power has been fitted with a Birks functional dependence. The simulation of the process of electron recombination in Monte Carlo calculations is(More)