Ana Carolina Pavan

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Bat trypanosomes are implicated in the evolution of the T. cruzi clade, which harbours most African, European and American trypanosomes from bats and other trypanosomes from African, Australian and American terrestrial mammals, including T. cruzi and T. rangeli, the agents of the American human trypanosomiasis. The diversity of bat trypanosomes globally is(More)
A phylogenetic systematic perspective is instrumental in recovering new species and their evolutionary relationships. The advent of new technologies for molecular and morphological data acquisition and analysis, allied to the integration of knowledge from different areas, such as ecology and population genetics, allows for the emergence of more rigorous,(More)
We investigate the biogeographic processes related to the origin and current patterns of distribution of the extant species of the genus Pteronotus. This clade of insectivorous bats is widely distributed in the Neotropical Region and has recently gone through a taxonomic update which increased more than twice its diversity. Using six molecular markers of 15(More)
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